International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies

ICMS: International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies

ICMS is a premier multidisciplinary conference that welcomes high-quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review articles, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, and technical notes. We invite submissions from researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners from all over the world. Our focus spans across various fields of Humanities and Multidisciplinary Studies, emphasizing the integration of diverse scientific disciplines to address complex issues arising from globalization and to enhance society's wellbeing.

Conference Topics

The ICMS conference topics are categorized into several broad areas, reflecting the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the conference. These topics include but are not limited to:

General Social Issues and Concepts

  • Culture and Society: Exploration of collective behavior, communication, modernism, postmodernism, social movements, and social network analysis.
  • Public and Social Policy: Discussions on administrative corruption, social justice, public health policies, and violence in society.

Ethics, Rights, and Social Well-being

  • Ethics and Morality: Deliberations on ethics, responsibility, tolerance, liberty, and equality.
  • Social Integration and Well-being: Issues related to family, marriage, disability and integration problems, and social reintegration.

Globalization and International Issues

  • Global Studies: International cooperation, identity and globalization, and the impacts of technology on global society.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Environmental Concerns: Studies on the environmental impact, sustainability, and water crisis management.

Technology and Information

  • Technology Integration: The role of information technology in society and its implications for the information society.

Education and Learning

  • Educational Development: Issues in educational policy, pedagogy, and curriculum development. Special focus on the challenges and opportunities in digital and future education.

Specific Studies and Research

  • Focused Research Areas: Includes anthropology, history, language studies, business management, and organizational studies.

Health, Science, and Technology

  • Medical and Scientific Research: Public health discussions, studies in natural sciences, and engineering.

These topics are designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovative solutions to global challenges. Join us at ICMS to share your insights and contribute to shaping the future of multidisciplinary research.