Frequently Asked Questions

    Conference Registration

  1. How do I register for a conference?

    To register for a conference, start by filling out the online registration form available on the conference website under the "Registration" tab. You can submit your abstract, full paper, or poster through this form.

  2. What is the registration deadline?

    The registration deadline can be found on the main menu of the conference website under the "Dates" tab.

  3. Why do I need to provide my address during registration?

    We require your address to deliver your certificate in case you are unable to attend the conference in person.

  4. I have completed my registration and need an invitation letter for my visa application. When will I receive it?

    Invitation letters are sent to registered and paid authors. Once your registration and payment are confirmed, our committee will send you the invitation letter.

  5. Do I have to submit a full paper?

    Submitting a full paper is not mandatory. We also publish abstracts in the conference proceedings book.

  6. Can I register with more than one paper?

    After registering your first paper, you can select the "second paper" option on the online Registration Form provided on the event websites.

  7. Is there a maximum number of coauthors allowed for registration?

    You can have up to 5 coauthors. Therefore, the maximum number of authors, including the corresponding author, is 6.

  8. I missed the registration deadline. Is there any way to still register for the conference?

    If you missed the registration deadline, you can contact the conference secretary to inquire about the possibility of a deadline extension.

  9. Can I withdraw my registration and the paper I submitted?

    You can withdraw your registration at any time before the event, following the withdrawal policy. In the case of withdrawal, your personal data and the paper will be removed from our system.

  10. If I withdraw after making the payment, will I receive a refund?

    Please refer to the refund policy page for detailed information regarding refunds for withdrawals made after payment.

  11. Can I withdraw my paper after it has been published in your journals and proceedings?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove an article after it has been published because it is hosted not only on our servers but also on indexing services.

Paper Submission

  1. What scientific contribution do I need to provide during registration?

    During registration, you can provide your abstract, full paper, or poster as your scientific contribution.

  2. Can I register without submitting an abstract?

    If you want to register as an author, submitting at least an abstract is mandatory. However, you can register as a listener without submitting an abstract.

  3. Is a full paper required for presentation?

    No, a full paper is not obligatory for presentation. You can give a presentation based on your abstract alone; it does not have to be based on a full paper.

  4. Can I register with an abstract first and submit my full paper later?

    Absolutely! The deadline for submitting the full paper is provided on the main menu of the conference website under the "Dates" tab.

  5. What is the format and word limit for the abstract?

    The abstract should be between 150-250 words, including the title, author(s) name, affiliation, and email(s). Additionally, it should include at least 5 keywords. An extended abstract can be up to 300 words.


  1. What does the conference fee cover?

    The conference fee covers participation in the sessions, coffee-lunch services, a printed and digitally signed certificate, the proceedings book, and free journal publishing. Accommodation and travel costs are not included.

  2. What are the registration fees?

    The registration and publishing fees can be found on the conference website under the "Fees" tab. Alternatively, a detailed fee table will be displayed on the "Registration Form" during the registration process, automatically calculating your selections.

  3. Why are there fees for the conference?

    As our conferences are self-budgeted, we collect fees to cover organizational costs, article processing and publishing, website maintenance, IT services, and secretarial work.

  4. Are the fees considered expensive?

    We strive to provide a scientific platform for large meetings at prestigious universities with broad international participation. This endeavor comes with significant costs. However, compared to similar organizations, we believe our fees are minimal.

  5. Can I attend the conference without making any payment?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in the conference without payment. Your registration will only be confirmed and your status updated to "paid" after the payment is processed.

  6. My coauthors are registered for the conference but won't attend in person. Do they need to pay the registration fee?

    If your coauthors want to obtain a certificate, payment is required. However, the fee for coauthors who don't need certification is smaller. Their names and affiliations can remain on your paper, but you must remove their names from the registration form.

  7. My credit/debit card payment was declined. Why?

    If your credit card payment was declined, it may be due to a technical problem with your card. We recommend trying another card or contacting your bank for assistance.

  8. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept three payment methods: credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.), PayPal, and bank transfer. The details of these payment methods are provided to you in the invoice sent after registration.

  9. Can I request a waiver or discount for the participation fee?

    As a self-budgeted conference, we are unable to provide any sponsorship or waivers. However, your institution may offer financial assistance for participating in academic events. We recommend seeking support from your institution.

  10. I made a payment via bank transfer but haven't received confirmation on the same day. Why?

    International bank transfers typically take several business days to process. You can expedite the verification process by emailing us an image of the transfer receipt.

  11. Can I make the payment at the registration desk?

    We do not accept on-site payments. To ensure the publishing process and proper arrangements, we require confirmation of payment in advance.

Registration Type

  1. Can I participate virtually?

    Yes, you can register as a virtual participant and make your presentation remotely without attending the venue.

  2. How does virtual participation work?

    To register as a virtual participant, select the "Virtual" option on the registration form. Upon acceptance, your preferred form of presentation will be published in the current book/journal. You will then need to submit a PowerPoint/video presentation file for the "Interactive Online Forum," where authors can exchange questions, answers, and comments. Detailed guidelines and tools will be provided upon acceptance confirmation.

  3. Will I receive a certificate of presentation if I participate virtually?

    Yes, you will receive a printed certificate of presentation delivered to your address. The term "virtual" will not appear on the certificate.

  4. Can I participate as a "Listener" without making a presentation?

    Yes, you can register as a "Listener" to attend the conference without publishing or presenting a paper. However, this option is strictly available to affiliated university staff members or researchers who need to upload their CV as proof of affiliation during registration. Failure to provide a CV may result in rejection of your registration.

  5. I am not affiliated with a university or scientific research center. Can I still participate in the conference?

    Attendance is limited to university lecturers and affiliated researchers. If you meet these criteria, you can register your abstract online. You will also need a support letter from your university and complete the payment before obtaining an invitation letter.

  6. Can I participate as a Keynote speaker?

    Yes, please email a short resume of your CV for consideration. Additionally, you are requested to register for the conference. After registration, you will receive a special invitation letter and detailed information about your presentation.