ICMS XXIII Cambridge

on 30-31 July 2020


ICMS XXIII offered seven main sessions in the domains of Social, Educational, Language, Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Interdisciplinary Studies, aiming to bring together scholars, academicians, researchers and students to exchange ideas and share knowledge in making a contribution to the humanity's quest for answers on the global problem of Covid-19 pandemic. The conference was planned to have in-person sessions at the premises of Cambridge University, Oriel Room. However, due to Covid-19 related restrictions on travel and accessibility, the conference has been performed only virtual with realtime oral as well as forum presentations.

Authors worldwide joined to have their say to make an impact on humanity's resilience for survival. Our aim was having your thoughts on what humanity's plan b should be i.e. for schools, universities, media, governments, hospitals and other domains in the event of a pandemic.

Considering the travel limitations, the conference was carried out with distant presantations thanks to our online presentation platform. The abstracts and full texts have been published in proceedings book in 2 volumes. The papers will be published as well in one of the 10 scientific journals (indexed in Elsevier-Mendeley, Crossref, Ebsco, WorldCat, RePEc etc.).

The proceedings have been helpful for the international organizations such as UN and WHO.