1-2 July 2022



ICSS XXIX - 29th International Social Science Conference was held as in-person and online at Lisbon University.


In-Person Participation: Completed.

Live Online Oral Prsentations: Completed.

Offline Virtual Participation (with prerecorded/slide presentation at our Author Forum): 1 author: €160, 2 authors: €90 each, 3+ authors: €80 each

Second Paper (for offline presentation): €110

Journal (€90+ Publishing ONLY in a journal WITHOUT conference participation.)

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ICSS XXIX - 29th International Social Science Conference "Recent Studies and Ideas" has been held in the premises of Lisbon University on 1-2 July 2022 as IN-PERSON and ONLINE. The authors with Covid certificates have participated in-person. We provided also online real-time oral presentation opportunity for those who could not join in-person. There are offline presentations on the Interactive Author Forum Platform with pre-recorded videos and slides as well. Contributions in economics, education, language, law, health, engineering, environment and multidisciplinary topics have been presented at he conference and published in the proceedings book (ISBN) as well as in (indexed) journal volumes.


We are glad to to have 73 participants from 20 countries: Albania, España, France, Greece, Hrvatska, Italia, Kosovo, Latvia, Magyarország, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sverige, United Arab Emirates, United States Thank you for making ICSS XXIX an international platform!

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