Double Check:

  • Technical correctness
  • Novelty/originality
  • Reference to prior work
  • Quality of experimental results (if any)
  • Organization and clarity
  • Importance to the field

• Is the nature and scope of the paper clearly stated in the abstract?

• Does introduction provide a relevant background information?
• Does Introduction indicate the scope and direction of the paper?
• Does Introduction provide a context for the main issue?
• Does Introduction indicate the focus of the paper?
• Are the objectives mentioned clearly along with significance of the study for the relevant audiences?

Review of literature and Theoretical framework 
• Review of the existing literature covers all relevant aspects of the study?
• Is the context of the topic or problem established clearly in the literature review or historical background?

Research design and methods 
• Is the methodology clear and supported by literature?
• Is the method used appropriate to the objective of the study?
• Is the methodology reliable for the interpretation of findings?
• Is clearly mentioned why is chosen this methodology?

Data collection 
• Are the data collected with the proper instrument?

Discusion, Findings and interpretation 
• Are findings interpreted in the light of the literature, and terms are clear for the general audience and reader?
• The language of the paper simple, cohesive and free form jargons? 

• Is the literature based on various studies?
• Is the literature integrated within the body of the paper?

Paper Guidelines 
• Is the paper written according to the journal guideline?
• Are all headings and subheading numbered?
• Are tables and figures properly made?