1. REVISTIA does not intend to cancel any academic event. However, if any academic event is cancelled by third parties such as the institution providing the venue, then the below steps are followed:

1..a.  We offer the authors to carry on the conference in another venue in the same country on the same dates announced.

1 b. If the author does not agree on changing the conference venue for any reason, then we offer the author to participate as "virtual" with a "live video conference" and publish the article in the proceedings book as well as in the scientific journal registered intially.

1.c.  If the author does not agree on the above option (1.b), then he/she is offered to reserve the registration and the payment to the next academic event.

1.d. If the author does not agree on the above option (1.c), then he/she gets the full refund including the bank transfer/credit card commission charges for the payment recveived.

2. If the conference is cancelled due to: Adverse weather at or near the venue preventing the participants from accessing the venue to set up or forcing the closure of the venue; A gas leak or workplace accident forcing closure of the venue; Non attendance of the organizers caused by an airline strike; Cancellation of an outdoor function due to unexpected adverse weather; Terrorism, or threat of terrorism attack (at or near the venue) causing disruption of the event; Almost anything else that is beyond our control but which affects the smooth running of the event: we will contact the authors to have a common solution such as a) to transfer all the collected registraion fees to the next event; b) to make the conference on the online platform as "virtual" where the authors make their presentation in distance by live video conference.