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Transformation of Out-Of-Home Social Services for Children in North Macedonia: Towards Individualized and Child Tailored Care

Natasha Bogoevska, Suzana Bornarova and Sofija Georgievska
Faculty of Philosophy, University of “Ss Ciryl and Methodius” in Skopje


Republic of North Macedonia in the last several years undergoes comprehensive social protection reform. The reform processes have been focused on furthering the processes of deinstitutionalization, decentralization and pluralization of social services delivery. The transformation of social protection institutions has been one of the key priorities in this period, specifically out-of-family services for children. In this respect, alternative care services for children without parents and parental care has been strengthened and promoted. Foster care as a traditional form of protection has been given particular attention and has undergone considerable changes. This article will review key reform processes in the domain of social protection in the country, with focus on social services for children without parents and parental care, in particular foster care, small group homes and supported living. Professional approaches used to provide for individualized and child-tailored care will also be analysed. Cross-cutting issues relate to children’s rights, basic human needs, and social integration of children.


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