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The Course of Diabetes in the Municipality of Cepo for the Period of September 2012- April 2020

Klotilda Vrenjo
Sports University of Tirana


Introduction The cross-sectional study during Mars -September 2012 conducted on 863 inhabitants over 30 years old, residents in the municipality of CEPO followed by the retrospective longitudinal study carried out between September 2012- April 2020 seeks to examine the course of diabetes in persons suspected of having diabetes or pre-diabetes over the years. Methodology We used the data collected from the 2012 study, the medical records of these patients’ chronic illness and the records for those new patients registered in CEPO. RESULTS In March 2012, the records showed that 23 people had DM type 2. The study of September 2012, identified 75 individuals suspected with diabetes and 5 were confirmed and started the treatment immediately. In April 2020, there were 47 people diagnosed with diabetes, so the number had doubled. Considering the deaths and migration, the new cases were 24. 12 belonged to the group of suspected with DM in our first study (or 16%, 12/75); 10 were chronic patients and 2 were detected by check-up examinations. Conclusions In conclusion, we noticed that raising the awareness of people suspected of diabetes did not work only with one measurement or recommendations; what is needed is periodical examination by the FD specifically of this contingent. Moreover, screening at an early stage of the disease, nutrition plans and rehabilitation programs should be implemented for every age group in cities / villages to maintain the quality of life. Key words: Diabities type 2, Cepo municipality, FD


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