Professional Education for Automotive Specialists and Change of Their Profiles According to the Trends of the Vehicle Market in Albania

Eli Vyshka


Professional education for automotive specialists and change of their profiles according to the trends of the vehicle market in Albania Dr. Eng. Eli VYSHKA “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Faculty of Professional Studies, Durres [email protected] Abstract In Albania during the last three decades every sphere of life has changed, as well as professions. According to the demands of the labor market, the demands for automotive specialists have also changed. The purpose of this paper is to assess the current situation of specialist technician mechanics for vehicles and liaise with universities that prepare these professionals, the need for curricular changes of mechanical profiles according to trends in technological developments of new vehicles. To assess the potential labor markets, employment statistics and requirements for mechanical profiles of recent years have been collected. In Albania the trend of new cars is always growing. The technological level of cars currently circulating has increased, the trend is towards cars that feed on alternative fuels. The curricula of Universities and Professional Colleges that prepare these senior specialists for vehicles must adapt to these requirements presented by the labor market and new trends in production technologies of road vehicles. The collected statistical analyzes show an increase in the demand for qualified and certified technical specialists for the motor vehicle. From these results we conclude that improving the curricula of programs that prepare technical staff is a necessity to follow these changes with high growth in the automotive industry. Keywords: auto mechanics, professional education, automotive industry, vehicles with alternative energy, technological innovations.


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