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Conscription or Constriction:perception of Students on the Reinforcement of Compulsory Military Service

Ramos, Krista Mae F., Dauz, Lance Micaiah C., Bautista, Glyza Nicole D., Galang, Rua R. And Karganilla, Jeric Xyrus G.
Lorma Colleges Senior Highschool


ABSTRACT With the recent proclamation of the possible reinforcement of Compulsory Military Service in the Philippines, debates and societal talks rose and circulates as opinions and perceptions regarding the topic continue to clash. This study aims to determine the perception of the youth on its reimplementation, and identify various advantages and disadvantages based on their perspective. The responses were gathered through a virtual call interview, underwent the process of thematization and were categorized into different themes. Results reflect that the students perceive compulsory military service as a necessity for national defense but requires a long time that can hinder their education and needs a strong foundation to be implemented and sustained. The participants acknowledged that the practice will instill discipline, patriotism and nationalism, develop an individual’s physical abilities, provide skills and knowledge and improve a person’s self-defense. However, there are also concerns regarding the prominent military shaping and abuse, their loss of freedom of choice and the chances of health deterioration. Keywords: Compulsory, Military, Service, Reinforcement, Perception


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