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Lessons Guide Prepared Forward in A Tecnological Way

Antoneta Kapurani


One of the questions that must concern all is: What is education for the first century? Another argument is that the impact of globalization in the educational culture and system is an evident concern for those in support of a more traditional approach to educational institutions. This study will analyze the impact of globalization on the education of developing countries, such as Albania. Nowadays it is the appropriate time to prepare for the unexpected and not to survive in panic, especially in the midst of challenges posed by illnesses and natural phenomenons. Being aware of the natural phenomenons and illnesses, we must be in able to plan and put into practice all specific, feasible objectives, side by side with the annual subject planning. 2020 has clearly demonstrated that our educational system is far from perfect and found us unprepared. This lack of preparation caused for the educational system to be disoriented after the pandemic, and caused for a less stable goal and fundamental objectives. Efficient educational systems are the foundation for opportunities to create a good life. The certainty that children must have an adequate access in education is an essential function, hence I would like to suggest some gaps where the curriculum may allow for intervention. Key words: globalization in education, phenomenons, planning, feasible objectives,pandemic


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