Career Guidance in Service of Young People Professional Development

Edi Puka
European University of Tirana


Young people career guidance and its challenges, as a concept, has been laid out for a long time, as over the centuries, the problems of younger generation future have been constantly emphasized. Whereas nowadays, in modern times, the concept of career guidance has evolved tremendously and there is a need to address the prospects of youth career, reconsidering the proposals that counselling program policies offer, and developing these services to better reflect the current socio-economic reality. This study aims to highlight the importance of career guidance and student orientation, to identify the goals of counselling and orientation, to analyse the characteristics of career guidance and the factors influencing student orientation and counselling. Through this study, we aim to raise students' awareness of a wide range of opportunities that career guidance offers by orienting and advising them on how to combine their interests and skills towards studies and professional career choice.


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