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The Relationship Between Philosophy, Science, Art and Religion in Understanding Human in Modern Times

Ismail Hanoglu
Cankırı Karatekin University, Department of Philosophy


The history of knowledge is as old as the history of man. New approaches to human beings in modern times have brought new horizons to the studies of social science. The new understandings to human, society, nature and environment have been differentiated and enriched. In this context, it is the responsibility of almost every discipline to catch the spirit of the age. When it is compared to the past, in the processes of understanding human being, social sciences have contributed significantly to understanding of human being, in an interdisciplinary way, taking a holistic perspective. When science was seen as a branch of philosophy, the conflicts between philosophy and religion occurred lessly. However, since science gained its independence, the conflict between science and religion has taken a more central place. But, religion, philosophy and art, which are as old as human history, have served people together in many dimensions. Religion is home to the lonely people in modern times. Mankind is looking for a homeland and a human being who he wants to refuge. Religion clearly says that there is a place where people can take refuge. Religion, in its entirety, has been in harmony with philosophy, science and art, which are unique to human being, in the main sections throughout the historical process. Although there are conflicts, this is not a matter of the general nature of religion and science. The problem is with the interpretation of the religious text and with the ideological motives of the scholar's scientific attitude. Religion, philosophy and art should serve people who are isolated in modern times in an interdisciplinary context. Because, historical experience provides us with sufficient ground in this subject. Keyterms: Religion, Philosophy, Science, Art, Human Being, Modern Times.


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