Developing an Online Nursing Course

Silvana Gripshi
Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences, University of Medicine Tirana-Albania


Developing an online nursing course Silvana Gripshi, Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences, University of Medicine Tirana-Albania, [email protected] During the COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory lockdown, academic nursing institutions as well as all over the world and in Albania have shifted to distance learning. An unknown practice in nursing education in Albania that was associated with a range of difficulties for staff and students. As distance education continues to be utilized by higher learning institutions, many struggles in knowing how to effectively utilize tools for the benefit of the students, faculty and staff facilitating online teaching. This review aims to describe the process of creating and developing an online course in nursing education. The intended result is a review of the latest literature, as well as a practical set of guidelines for planning and developing online courses. It is important for nursing educators to support the changing technology and its potential for teaching purposes. Key words: nursing education, online, course, distance learning

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