The Comparative Study of Advertising American Presidency Election Campaign for Both "Barack "Obama&Amp; "Donald Trump "Via Advertising Animation Film with Multimedia

Dina Ali Mohamed El-Besomey
Lecturer/Advertisement &Amp; Print &Amp; Publish Department / Applied Arts Faculty / Banha University


The role of advertising animation film as a political motivate in the contemporary reality strategy through multimedia in the research scale of universal unilateral force" America". and this reflection on the animation industry, which made the US authorities and capital owners as a political motivate towards political trends and political changes within and outside America worldwide , And this impact and reflection of our country Egypt and monitoring the effects and results of modern political changes in the contemporary Egyptian reality, and the need to presence of an national Egyptian defensing resistant to Western ideologies, especially the American ideology, which push the changes towards her interests and her advantages as well as the need for writing the history of our contemporary reality by Ourselves via all multimedia forms until they are not forging for the facts or the history with different ideology of the good Egyptian thought. Referring to the futurology, which was concentered with it by the century. As "Dr./ salah Qunsoua "pointed at introduction Book, entitled" the clash of Civilizations" Composed by: Samuil Hentgton - In response to what the current events causes in the world ,like problems and questions, do not find their solutions, or responses in previous models, samples, tribes, familiar and accepted theories until recently. As the contemporary world status, which America & Western Europe present the motivate of what facts happen and destroy the theories stabilized from the analysis of an interpretation.

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