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Can Inflammed Oral Stem Cells Show Considerable Stemness Inspite of Lesser Yeild- A Review

Shahela Tanveer, Shahela Tanveer, Vyshali Thakur and Shalab Shrivastav
Dental College-Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery


Though adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) have a promising treatment in regenerative medicine from bone marrow transplant to current treatment of superceneterian cells in aging and progeria. There remains lot of regenerative aspect which are still in clinical trials in dentistry. Inspite of easy availability, remarkable capacity and efficient colony forming units of known oral stem cells there is limitation in quantifying them, this remains an important aspect to use it clinically. The current review emphasizes on the characterization of inflamed stem cells from dental pulp and gingiva(I-DPSC’s and I-GMSC’s) which are commonly discarded tissue in dental treatment and the ability of these inflamed cells which are thought to maintain stemness over limited expansion in vitro and its capacity to display considerable phenotype and functional heterogeneity as like with umblical tissue cells(UCB-MSCs) and adipose tissue(AT-MSCs) over Bone marrow stem cells (BM-MSC’s). But till date among the adult mesenchymal stem cells bone marrow stem cells (BMSC’s) is considered as gold standard in MSC’s theurapy inspite of remarkable stemness of the latter .

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