Psycho-Social Consequences in Coping with Breast Cancer (Case of Patients and Family Members)

Orneda Gega
Universiteti I Durresit


Health care institutions around the world are continuing to face unprecedented clinical and operational challenges as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While some countries have almost stopped breast screening and diagnostics, other hospitals of different countries treat patients who need urgent care. Unfortunately, breast cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality for women worldwide, not forgetting to mention the psycho-social consequences in coping with breast cancer. The objectives of the study are as follows: 1: To explore the personal and emotional life of women before being diagnosed with breast cancer, their lived experience during this period, including the Pandemic period. 2. To identify the most important stages during the diagnosis of the given disease. 3. To identify the psychosocial condition of women with breast cancer during diagnosis and the psychological condition of family members. 4. To evaluate the impacts that these women have experienced in their lives, life habits, family ties (between husbands, parents-children). The aim of the study is to identify the psycho-social consequences in coping with breast cancer. The interviewed women, who managed to survive, revealed their personality and showed whether it influenced the recovery of the disease and its stages. Survivors reported stories of positive and negative changes accompanied by suspicion and fear as well as the renewal of various relationships and priorities. There have been reports of anger towards God and other people, stories of deep faith but also stories of altruism. As they struggled to understand the nature of breast cancer, they had to at the same time face the fear of being affected by a possible death from the disease. In addition, they are faced with the big dilemma of what to do with their physical appearance as well. When active treatment for breast cancer ends, survivors report that they have had to face a struggle to resume a new life, with new challenges and a new identity. The stories shared in this paper help to understand the situation of breast cancer survivors in the Albanian reality, especially during this difficult period of the Pandemic. The information that is shared, can also inform the practice of counseling to provide support and promote health care to women who are at risk for the abovementioned disease.

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