Factors Related to the Demand for Orthodontic Treatment.

Elona Kongo


Orthodontic treatment provides patients with better aesthetics and function. From the orthodontist point of view both aesthetics and function are among treatment objectives. For the patients certainly is better facial appearance though very often this is the main factor for what patients seek orthodontic treatment. Aims of this study was: To evaluate factors that impact the demand for orthodontic treatment such as age, gender severity of malocclusion. Records belonging to 230 patients under orthodontic treatment were analyzed to establish at what age, which gender prevails. It was also evaluated malocclusion with regard to skeletal class. Results From 230 records was found that 156(67.8%) were females. There was a range from 8 to 33years old. The majority of patients as evaluated regarding age was 13-17 years old. Malocclusion features of the sample revealed 59% (135 patients) skeletal class II, 32% skeletal class I, 9.1% skeletal class III. Conclusion Results of this paper indicate that females require more often orthodontic treatment than males. This finding is not surprising since females compared to males are more addicted to better facial appearance. Adolescents were the majority of patients under orthodontic treatment indicating the impact this age period especially as related to dentofacial appearance. Key words; orthodontic treatment, malocclusion, facial appearance


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