Only Humanities Education Will Help Future Engineers Avoid Extinction.

Edgardo Maza-Ortega
Universidad Del Bío Bío.


Traditionally, education was considered a process in which the main protagonist was the teacher, the only bearer and guarantor of knowledge, where the communicative relationship established was unidirectional, the students neither said anything nor expressed any opinion. This proposal shows how the humanities offer a solid support to understand and face social and personal decisions as well, especially looking at Chile although, we know, these situations are not only local. It reveals the change that occurs in a university course when using narratives, which allows facing monumentalism in the classrooms, considering that, in most of them, classes are still being held in a traditional way without taking into account what the students think about the topics covered in the courses. The research is within the qualitative method. The results obtained allow to establish the influence of the course on the learning strategies used by the students, as stable learning indicators.


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