ICMS Author Guidelines


Aims and Scope

ICMS is a multidisciplinary conference that promotes a wide array of research, including theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review articles, and more. We welcome contributions from researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners worldwide, addressing complex societal challenges through a multidisciplinary approach.

Manuscript Preparation

Technical Checks Before submitting, authors should verify their manuscript’s:

  • Technical correctness.
  • Novelty and originality.
  • Adequate reference to prior work.
  • Quality and clarity of presentation.
  • Relevance and importance to the field.

Abstract Ensure the abstract clearly outlines:

  • The nature and scope of the paper.
  • The main issue and focus.
  • Objectives and significance of the study.

Introduction The introduction should:

  • Provide essential background and context.
  • Outline the paper’s scope and direction.
  • Clearly state the objectives and study’s significance.

Literature Review and Theoretical Framework Confirm that:

  • All pertinent studies are reviewed.
  • The theoretical framework is adequately established.

Research Design and Methods Check that:

  • The methodology is appropriate and well-supported by literature.
  • The methods are reliable and adequately described.

Data Collection Ensure:

  • Data collection methods are robust and appropriate.

Discussion and Findings Verify:

  • Findings are discussed in context with the literature.
  • The presentation is clear and accessible to a general audience.