Population Dynamics and Infestation Rate of Peach Twig Borer, (Anarsia Lineatella Zell.) in Almond Orchards of Southeastern Anatolia, Türkiye

Mehmet Mamay and Süleyman Demir
Harran University


Almond (Prunus amygdalus Batsch, 1801) is the most frequently planted tree in southeastern Anatolia, Türkiye after pistachio and pomegranate. Almond orchards are infested by several pests that reduce production and quality. Peach twig borer [(Anarsia lineatella Zell. (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)] is one of these pests causing significant yield and quality losses in almonds. This study determined population dynamics and infestation rate of peach twig borer in almond orchards located in Eyyübiye, Haliliye and Karaköprü districts of Şanlıurfa province. Adult population development was monitored by using sexually attractive pheromone traps. The traps were monitored weekly. The first adult flight of the pest was recorded during the last week of April forming four peaks in the season. The last flight took place in the second week of November. Regarding different months of monitoring period, 26% adults (3737 adults/traps) was trapped in May, 21% (3071 adults/traps) in September and 18% (2616 adults/trap) in August. The highest number of adults (246.6 adults/traps) was trapped on May 18 in Eyyübiye, August 29 in Haliliye (294.3 adults/traps) and May 11 in Karaköprü district (192.6 adults/traps). The results revealed that the pest is actively flying in nature for 8 months and can theoretically produce four generations per year. The infestation rate of the pest on almond fruits in Eyyübiye, Haliliye and Karaköprü was 21.33%, 31.21% and 8.96%, while it was 8.40%, 3,00% and 1,00% on shoots, respectively. It is concluded that Peach twig borer poses significant damages to almond shoots and fruits in southeastern Anatolia region, Türkiye. It is recommended to cut infested shoots periodically together with removing the infested fruits fallen to the ground or hung on the trees


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