The Importance of Parental Involvement in the Pre-University System During and After the Pandemic Covid-19

Marsela Shehu
Sports University of Tirana, Faculty of Movement Science, Department of Education and Health


The important need that parents have is to be informed about their child's progress and accomplishments in the learning process and extracurricular activities. Parents have the right to participate in discussions and decision-making; they must have access to all information about the child's participation in the learning process, their achievements in tests and other tasks, opportunities and skills that the child possesses. The study's goal is to determine the level of parental involvement in the pre-university school system during and after online learning. The study's methodology is based on a review of contemporary literature as well as the semi-structured interview. The teachers of the public pre-university cycle are the study's subjects. According to the data, teachers place a high value on parental involvement. The commitment of the parents in supporting the academic achievements of their children was to be congratulated, primarily by helping them with their homework, which was an important element during the online learning and after it. Regarding parents' desire and motivation to be involved in school problems and decision-making, teachers state that parents are interested and regard them as very important partners. During online class, all of the teachers believe that they are making a significant difference in the lives of their students as a result of their effective online teaching, even with students who had lower learning results or who had learning difficulties. As a result, parental involvement boosts children's academic performance and improves the parent-child relationship. Keywords: pre-university, school, online learning, parental involvement, teacher, child.


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