The Control of Vital Parameters and Their Importance in Soccer Players of the Women's National A in Albania

Genta Nallbani
Sports University of Tirane ,Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences.


Vital parameters or otherwise vital signs are the measurements of the most basic functions of the body.They are the main pillars with which we determine the general physical condition of the athletes.It is important to first review vital signs assessment. Monitoring vital signs in athletes, during training, is highly important in order to avoid over training and to be careful at the same time in monitoring their health condition.The data for this study was collected during the preparatory training phase of the Women's National A in Montenegro in February 2021.Part of this study were 20 female athletes according to different age groups who were subjected to the measurement of vital parameters.The measurements were performed before the beginning and after the end of the exercise in order to understand which it would be specifically these values, also referring to their current physical and health condition.From the obtained data it was evident that the pulse is the vital parameter which changes as a result of the overload received during the training process performed by the athletes in relation to other parameters.In three of the athletes,a fluctuation of the values at the level of the respiratory apparatus was observed,which was related to their previous state of health.The measurement of vital parameters during exercise is a good indicator to assess general well being physical and health of the athlete.Also,the importance of measuring these parameters before,during and after the sports activity is essential to avoid various problems that can even lead to fatality for the athlete.


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