Intergenerational Discourse: Its Essence and Features

Jekaterina Sadovskaya
Minsk State Linguistic University


Generations are as old as humanity and are involved in a continuous communication flow. The Strauss-Howe generational theory and their world-known generation classification set the framework for the modern study of generations. Such issues as the naming of generations, peculiar features of different generations, their preferences and dislikes, the system of generations’ values and beliefs, ability to cooperate in the workplace have been studied quite thoroughly. However, the communication process between the representatives of different generations itself has not received the same amount of attention while it has got its peculiar features. The essence of intergenerational discourse (communication between representatives belonging to different generations), its connection with other related types of discourses (generational, intragenerational), the scope of operation (inside and outside of the family) are among the key issues which undergo scrutiny in this paper.


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