Use of Narratives as A Pedagogical Tool for Students to Realize that Humanities Education Will Help Them Make Better Decisions in Life and the Profession.

Edgardo Maza-Ortega
Universidad Del Bio-Bío


Traditionally, education was considered a process in which the main protagonist was the teacher, the only bearer and guarantor of knowledge, where the communicative relationship established was unidirectional, the students neither said anything nor expressed their opinion. The purpose of this work is to share a didactic experience in the application of narrative diaries as a pedagogical tool in the subject of Television, Culture and New Customs, held in the first semester of 2022. Through the narrative diaries, students are expected to reflect critically on their past, that of their immediate surroundings and society so that, with this background, their present can be explained in a clearer way. The narrative diary used in this experience is made up of three questions (Testimonial Perspective: what happened and what happened to you?) How did they experience it in class? How did other people experience it? / Personal Perspective: Why Was this situation relevant and/or meaningful to you? / Professional Perspective: How has the experience transformed the view of the profession?). The subject is developed using collaborative techniques forming small groups of work that show the direction to follow in the subject, around which are structured a series of more limited problematic situations, which allow addressing the different contents of it during the semester. Students are motivated and think favorably about its implementation. Keywords: Humanities, education, narratives, profession, engineering.


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