The Effect of Uncertainty Avoidance on Sensing and Learning Capabilities: Mars Austria and Durra as A Case Study

Orwa Al Zoubi


The present study aims at investigating the effect of uncertainty avoidance on the sensing and learning capabilities of Mars Austria company in Austria and Durra company in Jordan. The study depends on the quantitative approach in collecting data through an online questionnaire sent to all employees in the headquarters of both companies. Analysis of the data of 92 respondents shows that the level of uncertainty avoidance is high at Mars Austria and medium at Durra company. Moreover, the level of sensing and learning capabilities is high at Mars Austria, while the level of sensing capability is medium and the level of learning capability is high at Durra. The results demonstrate that there is an effect of the culture of uncertainty avoidance on sensing and learning capabilities at Mars Austria, and there is an impact of the culture of uncertainty avoidance on sensing capability, while there is no effect on learning capability at Durra. Key Words: Uncertainty Avoidance, Sensing Capability, Mars Austria, Durra.


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